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The members of this club are~!!

:iconuchia-sakura: Joined 3/25/06 Founder and one of the Admins of the club
:iconkikyana: Joined 3/26/06 Former Co-Admin
:iconinuyasha666hiei: Joined 3/26/06 Winner of the deviantID contest 6/24/06
:iconmokubalover: Joined 4/9/06
:iconchelsea-c: Joined 4/11/06
:iconteaofmilniumdragon: Joined 4/11/06
:icondragonlupine: Joined 4/22/06
:icondark-gurl86: Joined 5/20/06 Moved to :iconshadowdragon86: Rejoined 10/24/09
:iconprincess-jen: Joined 5/27/06 Former Co-Admin
:iconkiyoshi-chan06: Joined 5/27/06
:iconqueenjazzy: Joined 6/15/06
:iconmezmirizdblack: Joined 7/9/06 Currently at :iconkuroimezzy: Joined 6/5/08
:iconinunaide: Joined 8/24/06 Winner of the Halloween contest 11/3/06
:iconladiabla2: Joined 9/20/06
:iconsamcybercat: Joined 10/30/06 Winner of the St. Patrick’s Day contest 3/27/07
:iconbrotherlyfluff: Joined 2/4/07 Co-Admin of the club since 5/15/07 Became Admin on 3/16/09
:icondarkagepearl: Joined 2/28/07
:iconmistymoongrl: Joined 3/21/07
:iconshadowmancer32: Joined 5/18/07 Moved to :icontozoku--kitsune: Rejoined 10/24/09
:icondoglord2021: Joined 5/19/07 Moved to :iconkingcrulenhotep: Rejoined 10/23/09
:iconsilverfoxninja: Joined 5/20/07
:iconmokubasetofan: Joined 5/22/07
:iconchaintoxin: Joined 5/26/07
:iconmokalo: Joined 5/26/07
:iconfirebendingarchangel: Joined 7/4/07
:iconamy-sun: Joined 8/5/07
:iconmokubasmochamonkey: Joined 9/3/07
:iconcloanime770: Joined 2/14/08 Moved to :iconlilalicechild: Rejoined 9/30/09
:iconsereneshadows12: Joined 3/28/09
:iconmysticbynd: Joined 3/30/09
:iconmikaa-chan: Joined 5/18/09
:iconganymede12283: Joined 5/23/09
:icondaroku-ondine: Joined 7/16/09
:iconhikariyugiyamiatemu: Joined 7/30/09
:iconmokubakaibacute: Joined 9/16/09
:iconabstract-noir: Joined 10/14/09
:iconsetsunahiroto: Joined 10/22/09
:iconanimaker131: Joined 10/24/09
:iconmathemagic: Joined 10/24/09
:iconkyuubikun: Joined 10/24/09
:iconatticus-starr: Joined 10/24/09
:iconwolfxshadow6: Joined 10/24/09
:icontsutaya07: Joined 10/25/09
:iconshazy: Joined 10/25/09
:iconalbino-poncho: Joined 10/25/09
:iconfoxysquid: Joined 10/25/09
:iconjouval: Joined 10/26/09
:iconamazonian78: Joined 10/27/09

:w00t!: Our Newest Members! *O*
:new: :iconxxrinoa-heartillyxx: Joined 11/7/09
:new: :iconcocoasmile100: Joined 11/15/09
:new: :iconkittencatmeow: Joined 12/1/09
:new: :icongoddessumbreon: Joined 12/29/09



*~* How to join! *~*

Just send a note with the subject saying "Join". Very simple ne?

Please if you join this club please please devwatch it and put it's icon in your journal or signature somewheres please? ;o;

*~* How to Affiliate *~*
Just send a note with the subject saying "Affliliate" we'll be more than happy to add you to our list 8D

*~* How to submit your artwork! *~*

We only accept your original artwork ok? If you want to submit your art then all you have to do is send a note with the subject saying "Artwork" and remember to put the link to your picture in the note. ^-^;

*~* About the artwork *~*

Please remember this is a Mokuba club. You must have Mokuba in your picture. If you have a group picture of all the YGO characters and you want to submit it that's perfectly fine as long as you remember to put Mokuba somewhere in the picture @.@; The only time we'll accept artwork without Mokuba in it is if it is your Original Character you created. FOR a girlfriend or boyfriend yesh you read correctly a boyfriend or just some friends you made for him.

*~* Pairing Mokuba up with someone *~*

Ok peoples when you pair Mokuba up with someone it doesn't matter who ok? This is an all goes kind of club. You can pair him up with your OC or you can pair him up with someone out of the YGO cast it doesn't matter. Just please don't fight over him and say he's yours I get very annoyed with people like that -__- same goes for the fighting over who he's paired up with. BE KIND!! If someone has paired him up with his brother Seto or maybe Noa possibly even Joey...DON'T yell at them telling them EWW gross I can't believe you like that! or anything of the sort PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ DONT do that -___-;;

*~* Blaah *~*

That's all I can think of for the time being. If Kikyana has anything to add to it than yeah she will. @.@

Admins: :iconbrotherlyfluff: and :iconuchia-sakura:
Former Co-Admins: :iconkikyana: and :iconprincess-jen:
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